Physical Benefits

Due to the large concentration of Epsom salt in the floatation tanks, there are several positive effects on the body as a result. Epsom salt is comprised of magnesium and sulphate. Raising your magnesium levels can improve the following;
• Circulation
• Body’s ability to use insulin
• Eases muscle pain
• Regulate electrolytes
• Relieve stress
Some studies suggest the best method for absorbing magnesium is through the skin, this makes floatation therapy one of the most effective ways of allowing the magnesium your body needs to be readily available.
Time spent in floatation therapy improves athletic performance, aids in the prevention of sporting injuries and speeds the healing process. Decreases the production of Cortisol, ACTH, Lactic Acid and Adrenaline, increase the production of endorphins, quicken rehabilitation and recovery, relieves pain- arthritis, migraines, injuries etc. and boosts immune function.