Research has shown that when floating, the mind goes into a meditative state. In general, brain waves shift from beta through to theta by about the 45 minute mark, leaving only approximately 5 minutes to take advantage of this with the standard 1 hour float.

We have selected our tanks to what we believe provides a better floating experience. Our tanks are currently one of the only tanks Australian made and have a heating system which can heat while you are in the tank. This allows people to have a better chance to maintain this meditative state for longer periods of time.

Therefore, here at Innerverse we have selected our tanks and arranged our schedules to optimise the floating experience. We offer 60, 90 and 120 minute floats.

*We are an appointment based centre, please call us or BOOK ONLINE Here.


3x Pack
60 minutes
90 minutes
120 minutes


30 minutes
45 minutes
60 minutes
90 minutes