At Innerverse we offer more than just your average float tanks, we aim and cater for all to use our facilities and provide as much comfort and relaxation as possible.

Tank Room

Our standard float tank rooms feature the Apollo tanks. These are the only Australian made float tanks available. Our selection of the Apollo Tanks were something we took much trialing and extensive research in. Their ability to maintain the temperature during float sessions was something that stood out above the competition. This allows the maximisation of your floating experience and accommodates those wanting to float for a longer period of time. You are not limited to 60 minute floats at Innerverse.

Treatment Room

We have a new treatment room where we offer different services on different days of the week. We now offer Infrared Sauna, Massage and Reiki. These are not available to be booked online. You will need to come in store or call us on 9042 5172 to book a session.

Room facilities

All our rooms have showering facilities built in for added privacy and convenience.