• Relaxation Massage

    We have some new staff on the team who are offering relaxation massage. To welcome them on the team we are doing 1 hour sessions at $80 - Try it with a float to spoil yourself! We are also looking into offering more body treatments in the future, Stay Tuned! Call in for booking times 90425172

    Float Session gift cards still available with the link below

  • Experience The Wonder

    Are you ready for nothing? Floatation therapy will give your body and mind a chance to relax. Book now to experience the wonder and amazing effects of our floatation tanks.


    3 60 Minute Float sessions for $99 and 3 90 Minute Sessions $149 ! *-Terms and conditions apply
    One Session is never enough! - This is a great way to experience Floatation Therapy by being able to try it multiple times at a fantastic rate! Call us on (03) 9042 5172 For more information

  • Night Floats!

    Night floats are currently offered once a month and are a great opportunity to try a long float session when you are most relaxed and at ease replacing your bed for a tank! These sessions book out the centre for 5 hours. This allows you to have up to a 4.5 hour float from 10:30pm which ends at 0300am. You also have 30 minutes in the centre to relax post float and prepare yourself to leave by 0330am. *Payments need to be made to hold bookings For more details call us on 9042 5172